Alva-line Vellum Tracing Paper

Alva-line Vellum Tracing Paper
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Alva-line Tracing Paper Vellum offer these advantages:

  • Smudge-proof erasing - Since Alva-Line papers use synthetic resins, they will not smudge, smear or leave streaky “white spots” if erased.
  • No ghosts - Undesired lines won’t reappear on either original or reproductions.
  • Rugged performance - Pre-aged and normally aged, they stand up better on tests for transparency, folding, tearing, bursting or discoloration, than average tracing papers. They will remain transparent (not discolor) no matter how frequently they are run through machines.
  • High strength - Alva-Line papers offer high resistance to folding, tearing, and far surpass all government specifications on these points.
  • Versatile, trouble-free surface - They work equally well for pencil, ink, typing, water color, crayons, etc. Due to very fine “tooth,” they will hold the exact amount of pencil graphite needed. Using synthetic resins eliminates many crease, fold line and abrasion mark problems.
  • Uniform quality - Alva-Line papers are impressively uniform in transparency, formation and working surface. With Alvin’s stringent quality control, each lot manufactured is held to the closest uniformity that is humanly possible.
  • Convenient packaging - Various Alva-Line papers are available in 5-yard, 20-yard or 50-yard rolls packaged in protective polyethylene bags; in 10-sheet or 100-sheet poly-sealed packs; or in 50-sheet pads individually shrink-wrapped for protection.
  • Translucency - Defined as how much light is allowed to pass through a sheet of tracing paper. Bright White (6855) will produce better line contrast

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