Kimberly Premium Drawing Pencils by General 6B-9H Lead Hardness

General's Drawing Pencils Lead Pencil Grades 6B-9H
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These Kimberly drawing pencils feature all wood casings from of California incense cedar, specially treated for easy sharpening. The non-porous leads create dense, opaque lines and sharpen into extra long, durable points. Each pencil is finished in dark green with hardness degree clearly stamped on it and are sold by the dozen.

Kimberly Premium Drawing Pencils with Graphite Lead

  • All wood casing of western cedar, specially treated for easy sharpening
  • Non-porous leads result in extra long durable points, dense lines of high opacity
  • Available in seventeen degrees of hardness
  • Finished in dark green, with degree clearly stamped
Sold in packages of 12

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