Sakura Pigma Micron Pens 1st Choice for Writers & Illustrators has Archival Ink

Kohinoor Rapidograph Technical Drafting Pens, Ink & Tips

Pigma ink is considered to be the most reliable, permanent ink on the market today is used was invented by Sakura over 25 years ago, The Pigma ink outlast and out-performs the competitors which have tried to duplicate its technology. Sakura constant improvement of their formula results in pleasant colors of the smoothest flowing, stable ink pigments available contained within practical shaped pens designed for writing and drawing. Pigma has become the standard for what is defined as permanent ink is used in jobs depend on records standing up to the test of time.

The pens are available in a three different styles popular for writing, drawing, and technical illustrations:
  • Pigma Micron available in 6 point sizes ranging .20mm to .5mm
  • Pigma Graphic available in 3 point widths ranging from 1mm to 3mm
  • Pigma Brush with variable width tip.

Sakura Pigma Ink Technology

Sakura discovered the process of how to reduce the pigment particles into submicron size that allowed the ink to flow evenly through the most narrow pen nibs creating the superior PIGMA ink technology enjoyed by millions. Sakura furthered it’s technology by creating single color pigment inks eliminating separation. This translates into less fading and changing of color. Pigma ink dries to a neutral pH, neither acidic nor alkaline that protects the paper or material it is being used on. The waterproofing resins added to the ink make it universally compatible with other media such as watercolors, oils, acrylic paints, and more. The inks small micron particles remain stable within its water-based solvent for color shade consistency and smooth ink flow. Discover why Prisma ink is used around the world for writing, illustration, Zentangle, cartooning, scrapbooking, fine arts, Manga, and much more.

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