Clear Self Sealing Envelopes Protect & Store Artwork, Prints, & Photographs Pkg 25

These bags are designed for the long or short term protection of valuable artwork and precious photographs. The 2mil polypropylene is clear and archival. The self sealing bags work well with mounted and matted artwork; perfect for home, gallery, and outdoor shows providing a professional finish to presentations. They have a 1/4" tolerance on both sides and are made to fit the sizes listed sold in packages of 25.

Krystal Seal Art Bags – are self sealing 2 mil Polypropylene envelopes for protecting and storing artwork, photographs, prints, paintings and more. Simply place the artwork within the envelope, fold over the self sealing re-sealable flap, and your artwork is ready to to store in portfolios, storage box, flat file or show in a print rack. Designed for the economical storage of photos, prints, artwork by themselves or matted and mounted. The Krystal Seal Art Bags are archival & clear providing a professional finish for presentations at home, gallery, and even outdoor shows. Sold in packages of 25 - the envelopes up to 13 x 19 have a ¼” tolerance on both sides, and sleeves 16 x 20” and bigger have a ½” tolerance.

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