Mayline Flat Files 5 & 10 Drawer C-File Cabinets Store Plan Blueprints & Maps

Mayline Flat Files 5 & 10 Drawer C-File Cabinets
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Mayline flat files and their use - The Mayline groups furniture is flexible. With the Mayline flat files and other Mayline blueprint and document storage products you are able to create an efficient, organized, and pleasant work environment. Mayline flat files and vertical files with hanging clamps make an effective means to develop an active storage system to handle materials such as artwork, blueprints, maps, proofs, posters, photos, drawings etc… that are used frequently in a convenient and organized manner. The Mayline C-Files (Mayline flat files) are available in a 5 drawer and ten drawer configuration. The mayline flat files can be used with a flush base to stack up to 3 flat files or with the high base for one flat file. In addition to active storage the mayline flat files can be used for the archiving (inactive storage) of documents, blueprints, drawings etc… that are still needed, but are infrequently viewed. Check out our selection of Mayline products, custom colors are available for the Mayline flat files.

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