Proportional Dividers to Transfer Drawing Scale or Equally Divide Lines & Circles

A proportional divider is an instrument used by artist and draftsman to maintain scale ratio when transferring design elements from a 3 dimensional object, drawing, or photo to another surface. The two pointed equal length divider legs are attached with an adjustable pivot point that’s selected position is the scaling factor to proportionally make elements larger, smaller or the same size when transferring. The Alvin dividers have scales for equally dividing the length of a line or the circumference of a circle into equal parts, plus with a little math can be used for constructing angles. Here are instructions for using Alvin proportional dividers.

7.5" Alvin 450 Proportional Divider
Code: 21213
MFG Part #: 450
Regular price: $216.00
Sale price: $138.86
7.5" Alvin 450 Proportional Divider 21213
This item is currently out of stock!
10" Alvin 458 Proportional Divider
Code: 21215
MFG Part #: 458
Regular price: $499.00
Sale price: $320.79
10" Alvin 458 Proportional Divider 21215
This item is currently out of stock!

    Alvin Proportional Divider Specs:

    450 7 1/2" Lightweight Divider
  • Made of Duraluminum
  • Graduations for lines and circles
  • Adjustable, replaceable steel needle points

    458 10" Professional Divider
  • Made of nickel steel
  • Precise rack and pinion movement
  • Replaceable hardened steel needle points
  • Matte chrome finish that resists wear and corrosion
  • Reference mark for golden section
  • Packaged in a velvet lined case

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