Stow & Go Rolling Storage Cart removable Draw Cases to Hold Drawing Supplies

The Stow & Go storage system is made up of rolling cart with five 5 ½” deep bin shelves designed to hold the Stow & Go clear plastic cases that are 15 ½” x 14 ½” x 3 ½” in size. Create supply kits with cases, move them to the classroom or lab where needed. Supplies are easily removed and returned to cart when done in cases. It is sold as a complete system or as separate components.

Alvin Stow & Go Storage Case for Supplies
Alvin Stow & Go Storage Case for Supplies
Code: 22081
MFG Part #: ASB1313
Stow & Go Storage Case Strap
Stow & Go Storage Case Strap
Code: 22082
MFG Part #: NSS-BK
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Rack & Go Mobile Cart & Stow & Go Storage Cases by Alvin
Rack & Go Mobile Cart designed to hold five stow and go cases. The mobile cart has 5 bin shelves with a shelve height of 15½" deep by 14” wide designed to hold 5 of the Stow & Go storage cases. Cart is able to support up to 35lbs in weight & can be rolled from one location to another. It comes with four casters two of which lock. Overall assembled dimensions: 15 ½"d x 14"w x 32"h. Shipping Weight: 11.00 lbs. Shipping Dimensions: 33.00 x 18.00 x 4.00 inches

Stow & Go Storage Case by Alvin
The stow & go case by Alvin is for storing and carrying drafting, drawing, & school supplies. The split top makes it easy to add and remove items from the case. The lid locks at different points giving partial or full access to supplies. It comes with a handle to carry it or purchase the shoulder strap separate. The stow and go cases can be stacked 5 containers high for compact storage. The inside dimensions: 12½" x 12½" x 3". Shipping Weight:& Dimensions each: 2.70lb Size: 15.50x14.50x3.50”.

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