Mayline Vertical Plan Files Store Blueprint Drawings with Hanging Clamps

Mayline Vertical Plan Files
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Mayline Vertical Plan Files - Mayline furniture is versatile. The Mayline vertical plan files and hanging clamps are excellent for active storage of blueprints, drawings, documents etc… Use them with or without the conjunction of Mayline flat files. With the Mayline vertical files you have mobile storage, and can put the blueprints and drawings right where they are needed. There is no wasted time going to a storage room. The vertical plan files are available in a variety of configurations with or with out hangers, as well as with casters or the ability to attached to a wall or hang from a cubical. Vertical files with hangers are able to hold multiple sizes of hanging clamps. Vertical files without hangers can only hold one size of hanging clamps. The Mayline hanging clamps are available in sizes 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42" in size. Each hanging clamp is capable of holding approximately 100 sheets of paper. The Mayline hanging clamps are sold in packages of six, and the Mayline vertical plan files are able to hold 12 hanging clamps. Below is a good selection of Mayline vertical plan files.

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