24" Acu-Arc Adjustable Curve & Arc Tool for Drafting, Woodworking, & Ship Design

24" Acu-Arc Adjustable Curve
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Acu-Arc Adjustable Curve 24" - Made of incredibly flexible, shape-holding butyrate plastic that can be finger-shaped to any curve for extremely accurate drawings. One edge is flat to surface for pencil, and the other side has a bead for ruling pen.

ACU-ARC Adjustable Curves provide the quickest, easiest way to draw a fair curve through a series of plotted points. Available in 3 different types

1. Adjustable French Curve -Easily shaped to any of the smooth curves found in a whole set of irregular or French curves. Its 14"length makes forming curves easy. Its layered construction holds desired curve firmly for smooth accurate curve line drawing.

2. Adjustable Spline – These are similar to adjustable ship curves excepting they are longer, wider and thicker. Available in 36" and 48" lengths.

3. Adjustable Ship Curve: Replaces a complete set of Copenhagen ship curves. 18" length for shorter, sharper curves. 24" length in greater width and thickness for longer curves.


Features of Your ACU-ARC

• Segments that become separated can be pressed together again easily with slight pressure between the thumb and forefinger.

• Saves time searching for specific rigid curves.

• Patented, segmented construction assures a smooth non-rippled fair line curve.

• Form curves so that the sharpest part of the curve will be nearest to the blue end.

• For lighter curves turn pen edge in

• Made of clear butyrate plastic, highly resistant to discoloration and deterioration by age, sunlight and climate.

• Layered construction provides ample width so your fingers don't get in the way. The friction between the layers hold the curve securely while you draw.

• S curves can be made in two segments.

• Return your ACU-ARC adjustable curves to a straight line position when not in use.

24" Acu-Arc Adjustable Curve
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