Drafting Pencils Lead Holders, Mechanical Pencils & Lead for Drawing & Design

Drafting pencils are used by artists, architects, and engineers for drawing precision lines. DraftingSteals offers mechanical pencils, clutch style lead holders, and architectural wood pencils from Alvin, Sanford, General, Kohinoor, Pentel and other drafting suppliers.

Pencil lead hardness varies from soft to hard, In most situations use pencils with harder leads for lighter narrow lines and soft leads for darker wider lines As a general rule use a 4H pencil for light layout and guide lines, a H pencil for thin dark lettering, dimension and extension lines, and a F pencil for thick/dark object lines. DraftingSteals carries all graphite pencil lead grades 9H hard thru 9B soft, including the Sanford Turquoise perfectly graded leads.

Drafting Pencil Styles & Advantages:

  • Wood pencils are typically inexpensive with a big selection of lead hardness but need sharpened causing them to vary in drawing length and weight.
  • Lead holder pencils with chucks remain one size, lead is refillable, wide range of lead choices, but require points to be sharpened.
  • Mechanical pencils do not need sharpened, remain one size, and lead is refillable, but are more expensive and have a limited lead selection.
DraftingSteals knowledgeable staff is here to answer questions. Do not hesitate to contact us for help. The lead for mechanical pencils and lead holders are sold separate. We also carry a complete line of pencil sharpeners, lead pointers, ,erasers, brushes, cleaning pads & powders .

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