Large Cutting Mat Selection of Quality Self Healing Mats, Cutting Rulers & Tools

Cutting Mats Self-Healing Large Mats, Rulers & Tools
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DraftingSteals has two types of quality cutting mats along with rulers and tools for trimming most materials. The Self-healing Cutting Mats are made of a unique multi ply composite vinyl with self healing properties. The mats are 3mm thick, reversible with alignment grid on both sides. The translucent mats are available up to 36x48” in size and the green & black mats up to 48 x 96” in size. The Large Cutting Mats can cover an entire table or work bench. They are available in sizes up to 6x12 foot and 4x16 foot. The mats are made of 180 gauge/9mm (over 5/32”) thick polyethylene sheets with self sealing properties. Cut lines close-up but don’t disappear. Large mats custom cut for free. Have a cutting mat made to fit your work surface.

In addition to mats we offer the rulers and tools to cut safely and protect hands. With so many choices don’t hesitate to email or call with questions.

Cutting Mat Options:

Self Healing Cutting Mats Green/Black - sizes range from 8.5x11 up to 48x96 inches. The 3mm mats are reversible with grid lines for registration and cutting
Translucent Self Healing Cutting Mats - sizes range from 8.5x11 up to 36X48 inches. The 3mm mats are perfect for use with light tables. Mats are reversible with grid lines.
Cutting Mat Kits - have a professional 3mm self healing cutting mat packaged conveniently with tools.
Large Cutting Mats - These very large mats are available in sizes ranging 4x6 to 4x16 feet in size and 5x8 to 6x12 feet in size. Perfect for surfacing a cutting table, the mats are custom cut to size for free.
Cutting Tools & Rulers - We carry an assortment of cutting rulers, safety straightedges, t-squares and other tools to safely cut an assortment of medias

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