Flat File Cabinets: Safco the Industry Standard in Blueprint Storage

Flat file cabinets provide the best protection of any blueprint storage system for plans, maps, x-rays and other large format documents. The steel drawers hold drawings flat within the cabinet limiting exposure to light and other harmful elements. DraftingSteals offers Safco cabinets, the name recognized for quality within the architectural and engineering community. The files are available in 5 drawer and 10 drawer configurations which can be placed on a flush or high base. Up to 5 cabinets can be stacked on a flush base.
    Store thousands of plans in limited space:
  • Safco Flat Files: hold 5000 20lb sheets each. 5 units stacked on flush base can store up to 25,000 drawings.
  • Limited budget the Facil files, giant stack trays, and blueprint boxes might work too

Safco Flat File Cabinets Long Term Safe Storage

When placed in a temperature humidity controlled environment the cabinets offer archival storage for artwork, graphics and other valuable documents. The addition of locks restricts access to files, providing secure storage for museums, libraries, and other organizations with an immense number of materials to organize and store. Please let us know if you have questions on flat files. Call or email us today. DraftingSteals customer service is here to help offering solutions for storage since 2001.

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