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Great choice in blueprint hanging clamps, one of the largest varieties on the internet. All clamp models fit Mayline and Safco compatible blueprint racks, and range in size from 18” to 42”. DraftingSteals best value for clamps is Brookside Design. They come with a limited life time warranty, shipping free to most locations within the USA. Safco and Mayline are the industry standard for blueprint clamps. We carry both brands. Another excellent choice is Alvin hanging clamps. They are affordably priced and can ship to Canada with duties and taxes prepaid.

The size of clamps used is determined by the drawing size as well as the rack. Drop and lift style racks require all clamps to be the same size. Select clamps for these racks based on the largest sheet size. Racks with hangers can hold multiple size clamps in the same rack. Here is a helpful guide for selecting the right clamp for the job: sheet size 18x24” uses 18”; sheet size 24X36 uses 24”; sheet size 30x42 uses 30”; sheet size 36x48 uses 36”; and sheet size 42x60 uses 42”. If you need further help don’t hesitate to email or call us.

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