Self Healing Cutting Mat Line Includes 3mm Large Self Healing Cutting Mats

Professional self-healing cutting mats by Alvin extend blade life are made from layers of unique composite vinyl with self healing properties that make cut marks virtually disappear. The 3mm thick mats consists of a hard 1.5mm inter layer laminated between two soft layers forming a self healing reversible cutting surface for both rotary and hobby knifes. Available in two colors green/black and translucent for use in a wide range of applications including graphic arts, crafts, schools, photography, sewing, quilting, and some industrial related work.

Cutting Mats Feature:
● Grid guide lines for cutting 45° and 60° angles
● ½” grid lines printed on the top
● Four edges are fully numbered and graduated with 1/8" hash marks that extend beyond the zero base line for reference
● Inch grid graduation marked heavy, and every 5th extra heavy for alignment.

    Large Self Healing Cutting Mat Sizes Available

  • Green/black mats with large reversible cutting surface can be hung vertically on a wall when not in use come in sizes 30x42”, 36x48”, 40x60”, 60x80”, and 48x96” (4x8 foot)
  • Translucent mats work well on light tables have a reversible cutting surface are offered in larger sizes of 30x42” and 36x48”.

  • In addition we carry self sealing cutting mats in extra large sizes up to 4x16 feet and 6x12 feet.

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