Double Readout Plan Measurer for Maps & Blueprints

Double Readout Plan Measurer for Maps & Blueprints
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Double Readout Plan Measurer - Double Readout Plan Measuring Wheel - Determines distances in miles or kilometers on maps and plans according to scales indicated on dial. Assures precision measurement forward or backward and follows curved lines. Features a geared metal mechanism, automatic reset gear, lightweight design, and convenient handle for easy maneuverability. Ideal for blueprints, map scaling and drawing. Two large, easy-to-read, direct-reading dials, graduated in inches (1/2 inch = 1'; 1/4 inch = 1'; 1/8 inch = 1'; 1/16 inch = 1') and inches and centimeters (36 inch = 92cm) and protected by an unbreakable, smudge-proof, clear plastic face. For 1/16 inch scaled drawings, registers up to 36 inch, 90cm and 576 feet in one revolution; for 1 1/8 inch scale, up to 288 feet; for 1/4 inch scale, up to 144 feet; and for 1/2 inch scale, up to 72 feet. Blister-carded with a leatherette sheath and complete instructions.

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