Alvin Mini-Rotary Lead Pointer

Alvin Mini-Rotary Lead Pointer
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Mini Rotary Lead Pointer from Alvin - This lead holder is small enough to hold in your hand and performs like a desktop model. Made of lightweight high impact plastic. Removable top with built-in point cleaner. Packaged 10/box.
How to use lead pointer
Step 1 – Locate on the top of the lead pointer two small holes with arrows. One hole has an arrow (point) that is sharp and the other has an arrow (point) that is blunt. These holes are a depth set for the lead for making a sharp point or blunt point.
Step 2 – Hold down the button on the top of the leadholder to release the lead so it goes to the bottom of the hole. Once at the correct position release the button so the lead is held in place.
Step 3 – If you have multiple collars for your lead pointer select the collar which is for your leadpointer. If not follow the rest of the steps. Insert the leadpointer inside the large hole and rotate. You should hear and feel the abrasive cup tapering the lead. Let the pencil also spin back and forth to get a uniform point.
Step 4 – clean your point and you are ready.
If the leadponter does not have the 2 holes in the top, shorten or lengthen the amount of lead out of the leadholder to create the desired point.

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