Chartpak Applique Film Adhesive Back for Laser Printers & Copiers

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The Applique film has a matte finish on one side and permanent adhesive with film backing sheet on the other. The DAF8 Chartpak film is curl-resistant lying flat when fed through laser printers and copy machines. Applique film makes it much faster to make changes to an existing drawing or save time when adding the same drafting detail multiple times. Simply create it once on a master document then copy it to the film and apply it to any drawing using the adhesive back. The smooth surface and consistent coatings make DAF film excellent for presentation, comps, design, revisions, overlays and Diazo reproduction. Permanent adhesive can not be repositioned. The 8 ½” x 11 Applique film is sold in packages of 100 sheets.

Chartpak Applique Film Copy Machine & Laser Printer
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