Blueprint Clipper Tags & Clips: The Rolled Document Label System

The Blueprint clipper tags are a labeling system for organized storage of rolled documents placed in roll file boxes. Originally designed for labeling rolls of blueprint plans the clipper tags are also used for identifying rolled charts, maps, posters and other papers. The clipper tags consist of a 3 ½” reusable spring steel clip and cardboard ID tag1 5/8” and 2” in size. The ID label is sold with the clips in packages of 50 or separately as replacement labels in packages of 150.


Clipper Tags the Perfect Blueprint Label

Use clipper tags to label, organize, store, and find blueprints, maps, drawings, and building plans in the office. The steel clips attach to roll material on which a 1 5/8” or 2” replaceable tag is placed identifying whets stored. The clipper tags are great for public works including building zoning, planning, water, and fire departments plus private industry including architects, engineers, contractors or any profession where rolled plans need identified and stored. A simple but effective means to keep drawings organized.

1. Point clip tongue toward you

2. Slide tab “A” into right side of slot

3. Fold and wrap tag counter clockwise around clip and insert tab “B” into slot under “A”

4. Important lock tag into position by pushing tongue toward tag and flip upwards through opening.

5. Label, insert into end of blueprint plan, and store

Blueprint Clipper Tags & Clips
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