The Caliper is a precision measuring tool that accurately measures internal and external distances of an object such as the thickness of a pipe wall, inside diameter of a tube, or the size of a ball bearing. These instruments are used in many applications by engineers and machinist. Most Calipers have two sets of arms and a depth finding gauge. One set for measuring outside and a second set for the inside. Caliper models are available for inch and metric measurement read manually or using a digital display. The micrometers offered take outside measurements with 1/1000” accuracy.

Caliper 6"
Code: 21426
MFG Part #: VC6-1001
Regular price: $5.38
Sale price: $4.04
Caliper 6" 21426
AccuMASTER Digital Caliper
Code: 21427
MFG Part #: 7410
Regular price: $54.95
Sale price: $42.95
AccuMASTER Digital Caliper 21427

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