.7mm Pentel Lead: The Super Hi-Polymer Mechanical Pencil Lead

.7mm Pentel Lead: Mechanical Pencil Leads
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.7mm Pentel mechanical pencil lead has excellent lead density formulated with polymer resin bonded to carbon and graphite particles that extend lead life by reducing breakage. They work exceptionally well on paper media with lead hardness ranging from B, the softest, to 4H the hardest. Write smoother and produce lines that resist smearing and fading with Pentel high quality lead. The refills that never need sharpened are packaged 12 leads per tube & value package of 30 HB leads.

.7mm 2B Black Pentel High-Polymer Lead Pkg 12
Code: 30182
MFG Part #: 50-7-2B
.7mm HB Black Pentel High-Polymer Lead Pkg 12
Code: 30184
MFG Part #: 50-7-HB
.7mm 2H Black Pentel High-Polymer Lead Pkg 12
Code: 30187
MFG Part #: 50-7-2H
.7mm 3H Black Pentel High-Polymer Lead Pkg 12
Code: 30188
MFG Part #: 50-7-3H
.7mm 4H Black Pentel High-Polymer Lead Pkg 12
Code: 30189
MFG Part #: 50-7-4H

Pentel .7mm Mechanical Pencil Lead Applications

.7mm lead produces a medium line and is ideal for students or heavy-handed writers. It works well for all general writing such as notes, letters, etc. We offer Pentel .7mm lead in 2B thru 4H hardness.

Pentel Lead Hardness Use Specifications 4B Softest to 6H Hardest

    Soft Lead 4B 3B 2B & B
  • Creates a dark to very dark line density
  • Easy to read
  • Has a very smooth feel
  • Ideal if you want bold, thick lines  

  • Medium Lead HB & F
  • Creates a medium line density
  • Most popular lead hardness categories
  • HB lead is equivalent to a #2 pencil
  • Good tensile strength
  • Smooth Feel Ideal for accounting and general writing  

  • Hard Lead H, 2H, 3H, 4H 5H & 6H
  • Creates a light to very light line density
  • Exceptional tensile strength
  • Ideal for drafting and engineering applications
What does the “HB” in Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead stand for? "HB" is a universal term meaning "Hardness" and "Blackness". There are different levels of hardness and different levels of blackness to choose from, however, HB is known to be the standard and the equivalent to a #2 wooden pencil.

Does your refill lead actually contain lead? Pentel lead refills is made from graphite. It does not contain actual lead.

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