Custom Drafting Kit: Build A Drawing Supplies Kit for Your Class

Custom Drafting Kit: Create Classroom Kits
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Custom Drafting and Design Kits – we offer a wide variety of kits that include drafting tools, drawing tools and the supplies to help teach drafting, design, architecture, engineering, interior design, art and more. You can pick one of our preexisting kits and customize by either adding or removing items, or create your very own custom kit for your drafting, technology education, design, engineering, graphic art or other course. Many times it is cheaper to purchase as a kit than the components separate. Once your custom kit is created we keep the kit on file for easy reorder for your school, technology center, or college. Minimum order is 5 kits, average lead time 3-4 weeks.

We can include virtually anything within a custom kit such as drafting tools, pencils, pens, t-squares, cutting mats, markers, cutting tools, templates, and much more. If interested then Email us at DraftingSteals Customer Service
- Provide us a list of the products you would like in each kit< BR> - Provide the number of kits you need quoted
- We will get you a quote and timeframe for when the kits can be available

We can make custom kits for technology education classes, drafting classes, design classes, architectural classes, engineering design classes, art classes, graphics and much more. Contact us for all your engineering, architectural, design and drafting kits needs.

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