Print Racks Store & Flip Thru Artwork & Prints with Poster Display Racks

Racks by Alvin and Testrite USA made – for storage of prints, posters, art, etc. Have easy access to the stored prints, plans, art, and posters which store flat within the rack.

Alvin print and poster racks are able to store up to 100 unframed prints, posters, artwork etc. The USA made print racks are constructed of welded 1” heavy gage steel coated in a black durable powder coated finish. The Alvin print racks and poster racks come with locking casters so they can be moved easily from one location to another.

Testrite print racks are USA made featuring aluminum legs and a black canvas bed for holding the prints and posters. The Testrite canvas print racks aluminum legs have push pin locks for stability, non slip rubber feet, and the print racks fold for easy storage. print racks and poster racks Excellent for the storage and organization of prints, plans, and artwork.

Select the print, poster, or art rack that fits your needs. Select from the USA made Alvin and Testrite print racks and poster racks.

Heritage Wood Print Rack
Code: 10676
MFG Part #: WPR10
Regular price: $95.00
Sale price: $65.76
Heritage Wood Print Rack 10676
This item is currently out of stock!
Black Heritage Steel Print Rack
Code: 10677
MFG Part #: MPR10
Regular price: $236.75
Sale price: $163.91
Black Heritage Steel Print Rack 10677
This item is currently out of stock!

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