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Drafting Sets: Collection of Compasses, Dividers & other Drawing Instruments

Drafting Instruments are also referred to as drafting sets. We offer a wide range of drafting instruments for professional or students aspiring to be architects and engineers. Select the drafting set that fits your needs best. Each drafting instrument set from Alvin & Co includes various drafting tools such as compass, divider, and more. See our complete selection of Drafting Tools .

Drafting Instrument Kit Basic Bow Compass, Divider & Beam Bar
Code: 20027
MFG Part #: 129B
Regular price: $62.00
Sale price: $44.27
Basic Bow Compass Drafting Instrument Kit
Code: 20028
MFG Part #: 795B
Regular price: $51.50
Sale price: $36.79
Combination Universal Speed Bow Compass Drafting Instrument Kit
Code: 20029
MFG Part #: 729JS
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $49.29
Compact Drafting Instrument Bow Compass & Divider Kit
Code: 20030
MFG Part #: 608K
Regular price: $24.90
Sale price: $16.00
Drafting Jet Bow Compass & Beam Bar Instrument Kit
Code: 20031
MFG Part #: 929JS
Regular price: $77.95
Sale price: $50.10
Maverick Drafting Kit Bow Compass Instrument Set
Code: 20033
MFG Part #: 895E
Regular price: $52.00
Sale price: $33.44
Beginner Drafting Instrument Kit has Alvin Compass & Divider
Code: 21906
MFG Part #: 308K
Regular price: $19.75
Sale price: $13.50
6" Alvin Bow Compass & Pencil Set Shipped Assorted Colors (random)
Code: 21908
MFG Part #: 316
Regular price: $13.95
Sale price: $8.37
Speed Bow Compass Set, 6 " Compass, 4 " Compass, 6" Divider, Beam Bar and Pen Adapter
Code: 21913
MFG Part #: 366S
Regular price: $48.00
Sale price: $28.88