Drafting Instruments: Complete Line of Drafting Tool Sets for Drawing

Drafting Instruments are also referred to as drafting sets. We offer a wide range of drafting instruments for professional or students aspiring to be architects and engineers. Select the drafting set that fits your needs best. Each drafting instrument set from Alvin & Co includes various drafting tools such as compass, divider, and more. See our complete selection of Drafting Tools .

Drafting Instrument Kit Basic Bow Compass, Divider & Beam Bar
Code: 20027
MFG Part #: 129B
Regular price: $64.00
Sale price: $45.70
Basic Bow Compass Drafting Instrument Kit
Code: 20028
MFG Part #: 795B
Regular price: $53.00
Sale price: $37.86
Combination Universal Speed Bow Compass Drafting Instrument Kit
Code: 20029
MFG Part #: 729JS
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $49.29
Compact Drafting Instrument Bow Compass & Divider Kit
Code: 20030
MFG Part #: 608K
Regular price: $25.50
Sale price: $18.22
Drafting Jet Bow Compass & Beam Bar Instrument Kit
Code: 20031
MFG Part #: 929JS
Regular price: $79.00
Sale price: $56.42
Maverick Drafting Kit Bow Compass Instrument Set
Code: 20033
MFG Part #: 895E
Regular price: $54.00
Sale price: $38.58
Beginner Drafting Instrument Kit has Alvin Compass & Divider
Code: 21906
MFG Part #: 308K
Regular price: $20.25
Sale price: $13.84
6" Alvin Bow Compass & Pencil Set Shipped Assorted Colors (random)
Code: 21908
MFG Part #: 316
Regular price: $14.25
Sale price: $9.50
Speed Bow Compass Set, 6 ½" Compass, 4 ¾" Compass, 6" Divider, Beam Bar and Pen Adapter
Code: 21913
MFG Part #: 366S
Regular price: $49.75
Sale price: $33.26

Drafting Instrument Sets Contain

A compass has two arms one containing a needle (shoulder needle) and the other a graphite lead. To draw a circle and arc with the compass adjust the width/spread (distance between needle point and lead); place the needle point at the center where the two center lines intersect; rotate the compass by twisting the thumb and forefinger to produce the circles line. It is important to sharpen the lead to a chisel point to produce lines of even thickness while rotating the compass. Generally soft lead (F or HB) are used in compasses so the circle are drawn as dark object lines.

A divider’s two arms have a point which ends touch when closed. To compare sizes of drawing elements open the divider points across one element then compare against the second or compare by measuring each against a scale ruler. Measure distance by opening the divider points to a set scale then plot across the drawing or map to get a distance. A divider is also used to divide a line into segments.

Additional tools are provided in some drawing sets for inking and lettering.