Drafting Film Huge Selection of Film for Drawing, Graphic Arts and Painting

Drafting film is suitable for pen and pencil drawing and is used as a substrate in many artistic applications including painting. Often referred to as Mylar paper the sheets and rolls provide a durable medium capable of withstand extensive revisions and changes. The film feature excellent transparency and flatness. It is dimensionally stable and unaffected by temperature and humidity. Our polyester drafting film, Mylar, is a superior archival drafting paper. It is chemically matted to accept pencil or ink. It will not tear, cut, stain, become brittle or discolored with age. The drafting film is available in 1 side/single matte or two side/double matte in 3 and 4 mil thicknesses and single matte in 5 and 7 mil thicknesses. We can special order drafting film with grids, title block, for use with inkjet and laser printers. Complete selection of film for drafting. Please email or phone us for help, check out a complete selection of film for drafting below.