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Drafting Tools: The Drawing Instruments & Measurement Devices for Drafting

Find a large selection of professional drafting tools perfect for architectural and engineering design. Find quality drafting tools from such name brands as Alvin, Fairgate, Alumicolor, Acu-Arc, and more. You will find a complete selection of tools to aid with your drafting and drawing including compasses, beam compasses, dividers, French curve sets, flexible drafting curves, Alvin parallel gliders, rolling parallel rules, drafting triangles, adjustable triangles, architects scales for architectural drawing, engineers scales for engineering drawing, engineering metric scales, mechanical drafting scales, combination drafting scales and more. If there is a drafting product you are looking for and can’t find, call or email we will help you find it. If you are looking for Parallel Straightedges, Vyco Vinyl Board Covers, Drafting Boards, T-Squares etc…, they are located under the drafting equipment section. Drafting Equipment

Drafting Compass, Dividers & Drawing Instrument Sets
Architects Scales: Rulers for Architectural Drawings
French, Ship, & Flexible Curve Tools for Drafting
Engineer Scales: Rulers for Engineering Drawings
Parallel Gliders: Rolling Ruler for Drafting & Design
Metric Scales: Rulers for Architectural & Engineering Drawings
Protractors Measure Angles 180 & 360
12" Mechanical Drafting Scales for Draftman
Rolling Parallel Ruler: 6" & 12" for Drawing
Drafting Scales: Rulers to Design & Read Scaled Drawings
Drafting Triangles 30/60 45/90
Pantograph: 18", 21" & 21" Pantographs
Acu-Arc Adjustable Rulers: Draw Curves Inch & Metric
Parallel Rulers 12", 18", & 24" Length Rulers
Ruling Pens
Scalex Digital Plan Wheels
Scale Master Digital Plan Measuring Tools