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Rolling Parallel Ruler: 6" & 12" One Tool Draws Lines, Angles, & Circles

Rolling Parallel Ruler: 6" & 12" for Drawing
Graduated in both English and metric, it is a multi-purpose drawing tool made from high impact plastic for students, artists, and designers.. It includes many useful formulas and conversion factors. Use it to draw horizontal and vertical parallel lines with ease, as well as circles, curves, or arcs. It even has a built-in protractor to draw angles.


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Parallel ruler 6 and 12 Alvin rolling parallel rulers are a multipurpose drafting tools. The Alvin parallel ruler lets you measure in inches and centimeters and draw quadrants, squares, circles, angles, crosshatching, and vertical and horizontal parallel lines, quickly and easily. This parallel ruler is excellent for making parallel lines. The Rolling parallel ruler functions as a compass, horizontal ruler, straightedge, protractor, circle template and angle template, all in one. The parallel rulers unique compass pivot button eliminates surface marking. Individually packaged with instructions on box back, ideal for artists, students, pattern-makers, and designers the Alvin 6 and 12 rolling parallel ruler.

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