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Drafting Triangles are 30/60 45/90 Right Triangles for Technical Drawings

We offer Drafting Triangles such as the 30 60 90 triangles, 45 90 triangles, and adjustable triangles. These triangles are available in clear plastic, smoked plastic, fluorescent orange plastic, Aluminum, and steel. Below you will find 30/60 triangles, 45/90 triangles, adjustable triangles, with or without inking edges. The inking edge is a beveled edge to prevent ink from bleeding under the triangle while drawing. The fluorescent or smoke tinted triangles are easy to find on your drawing or desk than the clear.

A drafting triangle is a precision drafting tool for drawing lines at specific angles. Angles are measured in degrees. A full circle is the basis for the measurement of degrees. A circle has 360. A right angle is formed by two lines that mark off one-quarter of a circle, or 90. A drafting triangle always has one right angle 90. This makes it possible to put a triangle against a T-square to draw vertical lines. A 30 60 90 triangle is used with a t-square or parallel straightedge to draw lines that are 30, 60 or 90 degrees. A 45 90 triangle is used to draw lines with a t-square or parallel straightedge that are 45 or 90 degrees. The adjustable triangle allows you to use a t-square and parallel straightedge to draw additional angles. To draw a line with a triangle hold it firmly against the blade of the T -square or parallel rule with your opposite hand then draw a line by moving a pencil along the edge of the triangle. Below is a complete selection of adjustable triangles, 45 90 triangles, and 30 60 90 triangles.

Trig-Scale Adjustable Triangles Rise Slope Degree
Tru-Angle Inking Adjustable Triangle  True
Clear-Angle Adjustable Triangle & Magnifier
Tru-Angle Adjustable Triangle  Accuracy
Fairgate Drafting Triangle Aluminum
Steel Triangles & Handle for cutting & drawing
Student 30/60 & 45/90 Clear Plastic Triangles
Inking Drafting Triangles Fluorescent Plastic
Professional Triangles Fluorescent Acrylic
Professional Triangles Clear Acrylic
Smoke Tint Triangles Inking Edge
Topaz Drafting Triangles with Inking Edges
Alvin Triangle Set 10" 30/60 & 8" 45/90 Graduated 16th Inch
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