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Drafting Triangles are 30/60 45/90 Right Triangles for Technical Drawings

Drafting Triangles are precision tools for drawing lines at specific angles. DraftingSteals offers a full line of triangles from Alvin, Fairgate and other drafting suppliers made of plastic, aluminum, and steel. They are used with a T-square to drawing vertical and angled lines.A draftsman’s triangle always has one right angle 90°.
  •  30/60/90 triangles draw 90° vertical plus 30° and 60° angled lines.
  • 45/90 triangles draw 90° vertical and 45° angled lines
  • Adjustable triangles draw 90° vertical plus various angled lines

 DraftingSteals large selections of triangles are for the classroom and professional artist, architect, and engineering. Contact our knowledge customer service for help. We also carry a full line of t-squares .

Trig-Scale Adjustable Triangles Rise Slope Degree
Tru-Angle Inking Adjustable Triangle ½° True
Clear-Angle Adjustable Triangle & Magnifier
Tru-Angle Adjustable Triangle ½° Accuracy
Fairgate Drafting Triangle Aluminum
Steel Triangles & Handle for cutting & drawing
Student 30/60 & 45/90 Clear Plastic Triangles
Inking Drafting Triangles Fluorescent Plastic
Professional Triangles Fluorescent Acrylic
Professional Triangles Clear Acrylic
Smoke Tint Triangles Inking Edge
Topaz Drafting Triangles with Inking Edges
Alvin Triangle Set 10" 30/60 & 8" 45/90 Graduated 16th Inch
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