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Drafting Supplies: Explore Our Complete Supply of Drafting Materials

Drafting Supplies
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The drafting supplies resource, DraftingSteals offers a complete line of time tested drawing equipment, materials, and tools used by architects and engineers. Find low prices on vellum paper, student drawing boards, outfit kits, drafting board covers, templates, instrument draftsman pencils and more.

DraftingSteals experienced staff is ready to answer questions, and help with the selection of products from the top brands in the drafting business. We are authorized dealers for Alumicolor, Alvin, Kohinoor, Mayline, Safco, and other top drafting supply manufacturers. Contact DraftingSteals for assistance our customers are top priority.

Drafting Tools
Drafting Equipment
Drafting Templates
Drafting Kits:
Pencil Sharpeners & Erasers
Tape, Tape Dispenser, & Edge Binding System
Drafting Paper
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Drafting Supplies Product Categorized Products Include:

  • Drafting tools find instruments such as compasses, curves, triangles, rolling rulers for drawing lines, circles & curves and engineering and architectural scales, dividers, protractors, and other measurement devices.
  • Drafting equipment are larger items such as t-squares, parallel straightedges, drawing boards, and Vyco protective covers..
  • Drafting templates are plastic stencils used by students, artist and draftsman for quickly drawing commonly used shapes for an assortment of applications including home floor plans.
  • Drafting kits preconfigured or custom are configured with the items for drawing architectural, engineering, and geometry designs in the classroom or home. Pencil sharpeners and erasers include brushes, pads, erasers and other materials for cleaning drawings and the lead pointing devices such as lead pointers, sandpaper, and sharpeners for wood case pencils.
  • Tape, dispensers and binding there are tapes that include scotch, artist, binding, masking and low tack drafting.
  • Drafting paper is bond, vellum, film, tracing, and other media artist, architects and engineers use to draw on.
  • Pencils, lead holders and lead include a large assortment of  2mm lead holders, mechanical, and wood case pencils as well as refill leads in hardness ranging 9B thru 9H used by artist and  draftsman.
  • Technical pens & markers are offered from Kohinoor, Sakura, and Alvin for inking and illustration.