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Storage Tubes Full Range of Tubes for Storing Blueprints, Maps, & Posters

Storage Tubes: Blueprint, Map, & Poster Tubes
Storage tubes hold rolled posters and other large documents providing protection when carrying and storing. Tubes are used by students to carry artwork to and from classes and architects to reference blueprint drawings. DraftingSteals extensive selection includes Alvin neon ice tubes, 6 inch diameter telescoping tubes, Chartpak’s unique expandable tubes, and more. We are here to help, contact us with questions.

Plastic Telescoping Document Tubes
Alvin Ice Tubes for Carrying Posters 5 Colors
Expandable Tubes to Create Larger Shipping Tubes
Metro 4" Square Poster Carrying Tubes 26" & 37"
Economy Mailing Tubes for Shipping & Storing
Blueprint Clipper Tags & Clips