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Drafting T-squares: Metal, Wood & Clear Plastic

Our T-squares are suitable for Professionals, college students, vocational students or the home. All the T-squares are affordably priced, and range in size from 12 up to 72. See our selection of plastic t-squares, wood t-squares, aluminum t-squares, and stainless steel t-squares made by Alvin & Co, Fairgate, C-Thru and more below.

How to use a t-square - Straight and accurate drawing of horizontal lines requires a T-square. This tool gets its name from the fact that it is shaped like the letter T. The top, or head, of the T-square is placed along the side of the drawing board. The long strip of the T-square is known as the blade and is 90 degrees to the head of the T-square.

A right-handed drafter works with the head of the T-square against the left side of the drawing board. A left-handed person may place the head of the T-square against the right side of the drawing board. To draw lines, a pencil is guided along the top edge of the blade. The T-square is also used to position paper on a drawing board. The edge of the blade is matched with the horizontal edge of the paper.

Fairgate T-squares Heavy Duty Aluminum
Lightweight Fairgate T-squares Aluminum
Clear T-Squares Acrylic See Thru Blade
Stainless Steel T-squares
Professional T-squares Wood Acrylic Edge
Steel T-Squares Graduated Inches, Picas & Points
Steel T-Square Graduated Inches & Metric
Alvin T-Square Wood