French Curve Sets: Available in 3, 4, & 8 Curve Rulers Set

French curve sets are used to produce curved lines through a set of points. They are used in a variety of applications including drafting, graphing & sewing. A series of reference points are plotted. Using the French curves connect the points creating a smooth curved line by matching two or more plot points keeping the small radii of the curve with the small radii of the plotted point. This helps avoid abrupt changes in curvatures of the plotted shape.

French Curve Set 3 Green Tint
Code: 20064
MFG Part #: FC33
Regular price: $9.25
Sale price: $6.73
Pink French Curves Set of 3 Irregular Curves by Alvin
Code: 21975
MFG Part #: LX3PK
Regular price: $7.95
Sale price: $6.00
French Curve Set 4 Smoke Gray
Code: 20065
MFG Part #: FC44
Regular price: $17.95
Sale price: $13.05
French Curve Set 8 Smoke Gray
Code: 20066
MFG Part #: FC88
Regular price: $36.35
Sale price: $26.43
Ship Curves for Boat Hull Design Drafting Set of 6
Code: 21270
MFG Part #: SC66A
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $19.06
24" Fairgate Curve Ruler Aluminum Vary Form Pattern
Code: 21255
MFG Part #: CV202
Regular price: $18.25
Sale price: $14.05