Architects Engineers Draftsman Metric Engineering Scales

Triangular Scales are 3 Sided Rulers for Drafting
Complete selection of architectural scales engineers scales combination drafting scales, engineering scales, mechanical drafting scales, metric engineering scales and scale guards. Our wide selection of triangular drafting scales are offered in plastic, hardwood, bamboo, and aluminum in a variety of sizes and graduations. Choose the drafting scale that is right for you. Looking for a four bevel flat architects scale or engineers scale click here Four Bevel Flat Drafting Scales. Custom imprinted promotional products for architect, engineers, building trades industry schools please visit Promotional Products Store the source for custom imprinted products with a lasting value and long term presence.

Architects Scales: Rulers for Architectural Drawings
Engineer Scales: Rulers for Engineering Drawings
12" Mechanical Drafting Scales for Draftman
Metric Scales: Rulers for Architectural & Engineering Drawings