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Furniture Templates the Furnishing Stencil to Draw Interior Design Floor Plans

Furniture templates for interior design and redecorating. Looking at designing a room with furniture and needing to figure out what to buy and or how much space it will take we have an assortment of furniture templates to help you with your drafting. These pre designed shapes are perfect for the placement of beds, tables, chairs, entertainment centers etc… within a dining room, living room, game room den, kitchen etc… The furniture templates are available in 1/8” and ¼” scale.

T132 1/4"=1' Furniture Planner Template by Timely
Code: 20654
MFG Part #: 132T
Regular price: $7.00
Sale price: $4.74
TD1155 1/4"=1' Home Furnishings Template by Alvin
Code: 20655
MFG Part #: TD1155
Regular price: $10.05
Sale price: $7.31
R714 1/4"=1' House Furnishing Template by Rapid Design
Code: 20656
MFG Part #: 714R
Regular price: $17.15
Sale price: $11.20
TD714 1/4"=1' House Furnishings Template by Alvin
Code: 20657
MFG Part #: TD714
Regular price: $11.30
Sale price: $7.39
RA714 1/8"=1' House Furnishings Template by Rapid Design
Code: 20658
MFG Part #: 714RA
Regular price: $15.50
Sale price: $10.70
1155I 1/4"=1' Pickett Home Furnishings Template
Code: 20659
MFG Part #: 1155I
Regular price: $13.55
Sale price: $8.89
111PI 1/4"=1' Pickett House Furniture Indicator Template
Code: 20660
MFG Part #: 111PI
Regular price: $15.95
Sale price: $10.41