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Drafting Chairs: Seating Comfort with Adjustable Ergonomic Drafting Height Chairs

Drafting Chair: Ergonomic Chairs + Arm Rests
Find a complete selection of drafting chairs from quality manufactures such as Alvin and Safco. Our chairs are height adjustable to adjust and fit the drafting table or person using the chair. All drafting height chairs all have ergonomic features and are available in fabric, mesh, leather, & big and tall. . chairs are offered at a discount and are available for the tall and big. Find drafting chairs for the traditional or modern office, studio, home, or school. Most of the drafting chairs have a limited 2 year warranty on the gas cylinder and 3 year warranty against defects in material and construction (except fabric) All fabric and foam meet strict California and BIFMA codes in for the Alvin drafting chairs.

Black Drafting Chair Alvin Prestige Silver Foot Ring
Code: 10023
MFG Part #: DC310-40
Regular price: $270.00
Sale price: $179.99
Alvin Black Prestige Drafting Chair With Black Foot Ring
Code: 10231
MFG Part #: DC310-40B
Regular price: $276.00
Sale price: $184.00
Drafting Chair Zenith by Alvin Ergonomic Drafting Chair
Code: 10613
MFG Part #: DC577-40
Regular price: $304.00
Sale price: $202.67
Drafting Chair Ergonomic Black with Teardrop Footrest Alvin Monarch Drafting Chair
Code: 10643
MFG Part #: DC555-40
Regular price: $276.00
Sale price: $184.00
Mesh Drafting Chair Griffin by Alvin Mesh Drafting Chair
Code: 10614
MFG Part #: DC710-40
Regular price: $198.00
Sale price: $132.00
Monarch Ergonomic Drafting Chairs
Salambro Jr Mesh Drafting Chair Black
Code: 10559
MFG Part #: DC724-40
Regular price: $345.00
Sale price: $230.01
Leather Drafting Chair Executive MONARCH CH555
Code: 10216
MFG Part #: CH555-95DH
Regular price: $330.00
Sale price: $220.01
Leather Drafting Chair Premo Black CH444 By Alvin
Code: 10210
MFG Part #: CH444-90DH
Regular price: $349.00
Sale price: $233.59
Alvin Premo Drafting Chairs Great Value
Traditional Drafting Chair Charcoal By Alvin
Code: 10028
MFG Part #: DC778-34
Regular price: $193.00
Sale price: $128.67
Studio Drafting Chair Black By Alvin
Code: 10029
MFG Part #: CH202
Regular price: $165.00
Sale price: $110.00
DC206 Synchro-Tilt Drafting Stool by Alvin
Code: 10205
MFG Part #: DC206
Regular price: $222.00
Sale price: $135.60
Alvin Viceroy Drafting Chair Teardrop Footrest
Olympian Drafting Chair Heavy Duty For Big & Tall People
Code: 10258
MFG Part #: CH300-40DH
Regular price: $520.00
Sale price: $346.66
Ergonomic Drafting Chair Mesh Argentum Black by Alvin
Code: 10508
MFG Part #: CH728-45DH
Regular price: $469.00
Sale price: $312.66
Executive Leather Drafting Chair ART DIRECTOR by Alvin
Code: 10510
MFG Part #: CH777-90DH
Regular price: $498.00
Sale price: $332.01
Drafting Chair Black Alvin Teardrop Footrest Affordable Drafting Chair
Code: 10644
MFG Part #: DC204
Regular price: $128.00
Sale price: $88.07
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