Ultra Scale Master Pro (Temporarily Unavailable)

Ultra Scale Master Pro  (Temporarily Unavailable)
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MFG Part #: CA260
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The Ultra Scale Master Pro is able to perform many of the same functions as a simple planimeter as well as area takeoff tool and digitizer system. Similar to a planimeter calculate the area and volume (single volume only) of irregular shapes. If multiple volumes from other drawing layers needed, then calculate separate. The Ultra Scale Master Pro will calculate the volume and area of off sets and also allows you to remove areas of a drawing such as a central fireplace when calculating area of a wooden floor etc… and more The Ultra Scale Master Pro is ideal for contractors and construction trades such as concrete, flooring/tile, paving, roofing, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, small site excavation, and more. The Ultra Scale Master Pro is fast easy to use and works with or without a PC.

The Ultra Scale Master Pro is affordable and portable performs many basic planimeter functions. The Ultra Scale Master Pro allows you to measure plans at your office or on the job site without the need for additional computing devices or software. Using it’s the ergonomic design & large targeting window. Measures all polygon points and automatically find area, line lengths, perimeter and volume for rooms, walls concrete pads, parking lots, floor coverings, and small site excavations. Polylines - measure two or more points and automatically get segment length, total length and wall area for walls, foundations, piping, electrical, and other linear measurements. Irregular shapes (planimeter like functions)- measure all points on the curved shape and automatically find area, perimeter and volume for pools, planting beds, curbing, and water proofing. Arcs - measuring the starting point, high point and finishing point of the arc and automatically get area, perimeter, arc length, volume, and wall area for arched windows and doorways. Circles - select any three point on the circle and automatically get area, perimeter, volume, radius and diameter for columns and roundabouts. Ultra Scale Master Pro has 72 built-in architectural and engineering scales, plus 4 custom scales for measuring plans and drawing up to 24" x 36" in size. Use the LCD display to create custom scales for out-of-dimension drawing and plans in Imperial or Metric Mode; change units of measure of any displayed value at any time; easily recall line lengths and computed measurements for current measured shape; also enter a stored height and get volume and wall area calculations. The Ultra Scale Master Pro Operating Modes: Stand Alone Operation - Measure and display line lengths, areas, perimeters, volume, wall areas, arc lengths, radius and diameter without the use of a PC. PC Input Mode - Send displayed values to your spreadsheets and estimating software programs via supplied USB cable (no special USB driver software needed). Digitizer (x,y) Coordinate Entry, Send coordinates to graphic digitizing software like our Smart Takeoff! program. Measuring shapes simple or complex polygons.

Package Contents Includes: Measuring Device (Puck), 4-AAA batteries, Reflector Bars, USB Cable, Quick Setup Sheet, Quick Reference Guide, Fully Illustrated User’s Guide, Smart Material Estimator Spreadsheet Software for Excel, 30-Day Trial - Smart Takeoff! Graphic Digitizing Software, Carrying Case, The Ultra Scale Master Pro® comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty and 30-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Operates on 4 –AAA batteries (included) or from USB Cable when connected to PC Automatic Shut-Off saves battery life. Flexible tool Ultra Scale Master Pro with basic which performs many basic planimeter functions.

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