Parallel Gliders: a Rolling Ruler to Draw Parallel, Perpendicular, & Angled Lines

The parallel glider drafting tool combines the features of several drawing instruments into one compact amazing tool: It functions as a straightedge, compass, triangle, protractor and more.

10" Parallel Glider Rolling Ruler
Code: 20071
MFG Part #: 295
14" Parallel Glider Rolling Ruler
Code: 20072
MFG Part #: PA296

Use the Parallel Glider Drafting Tool to:

  • Draw horizontal parallel lines: Hold glider firmly in place and draw a line across ruled edge. Move to next position and repeat.
  • Draw vertical parallel lines: Place the pencil through one of the holes on the ruled edge and roll glider up or down to produce the line. Place pencil in another hole and repeat.
  • Draw circles: Place a pin in a one of the holes on the ruled edge creating a pivot point and the center of the circle. Select a circle radius, place pencil in this corresponding hole, and rotate the glider around the pivot point with pencil to draw the circle or arc.
  • Draw a angled line: Draw a straight line. Make a small mark where the angled line will intersect. Align the center of the glider at this point. The glider is also a protractor. Rotate glider so the original line lines up on the desired angle to draw. Draw the angled line using the ruled edge.
  • Measure an angle: Place the ruled edge’s center at the angles vertex. Align the ruled edge with one line. Use the 2nd line to read the angle off the glider’s protractor.

    • Parallel Glider Tool Features:

    • Two sizes 10” and 12” each size is available in either inch or metric graduations
    • Durable acrylic blade with printed graduations
    • Holes on ruled edge at ½" increments for drawing circles and vertical lines.
    • Built in protractor for measuring angles
    • Sturdy aluminum roller bar with non-skid rubber O-rings for rolling across drawing surface
    • Includes detailed instruction Alvin Parallel Glider Instructions

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