Drafting Triangles are 30/60 45/90 Right Triangles for Technical Drawings

Drafting Triangles are precision tools for drawing lines at specific angles. DraftingSteals offers a full line of triangles from Pacific Arc, Alumicolor and other drafting suppliers made of plastic, aluminum and acrylic. They are used with a T-square to draw vertical and angled lines. A draftsman’s triangle always has one right angle 90°.
  •  30/60/90 triangles draw 90° vertical plus 30° and 60° angled lines.
  • 45/90 triangles draw 90° vertical and 45° angled lines
  • Adjustable triangles draw 90° vertical plus various angled lines

 DraftingSteals large selection of triangles are ideal for the classroom, professional artist, architect or engineer. Contact our knowledgeable customer service for help. We also carry a full line of t-squares .

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