Topaz Drafting Triangles + Inking Edge 30/60 45/90 Technical Drawings Triangles

Topaz Drafting Triangles with Inking Edges
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These triangles are 0.100" made of transparent topaz-colored acrylic with double inking edges for smudge-free ruling. They are available in 30/60 and 45/90 with double-taper cutout center for easy lifting. The tempered acrylic resists scratching and topaz color makes them easy to see.

This item is currently out of stock!
This item is currently out of stock!

ALVIN Professional Topaz Triangles distinctive transparent “topaz” color acrylic and double beveled edges for accurate ink ruling. Additional features include convenient finger-lifts and the durability of tempered acrylic, that resists scratching. Sold individually. Packaged 12/box.

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