Drafting Tape with Low Tack Holds Firmly Removes easy Won't Damage Paper

Drafting Tape: Secure Drawing with Low Tack Tape
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This is a low tack, smooth, surface tape that allows T-squares and triangles to glide over drawings without hanging up. When removed, it leaves no stain, sticky particles, or abraded surface. Used for safely securing drafting and drawing projects to board or table.

1 X 60 Yds Drafting Tape
Code: 30019
MFG Part #: 2300-C
1/2 x 60 Yds Drafting Tape
Code: 30020
MFG Part #: 2300-A
3/4 x10 Yds Drafting Tape
Code: 30021
MFG Part #: 2300
3/4 x 60 Yds Drafting Tape
Code: 30022
MFG Part #: 2300-B

Drafting Tape - The most commonly used tapes in the studio, drafting room, home or office, providing a firm hold on virtually any surface, yet releases cleanly. Four sizes available, in convenient 60-yard rolls. As they work, drafters mount and remove plans on their drawing boards frequently. To avoid damage to either the plans or the drawing board, drafting tape is used to position and hold paper. Strips of tape are placed over the corners of plans. In positioning the drawing paper on the board, a T-square is used to align the paper before it is taped to the board.

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