ChartPak Expand-A-Tubes: Create Extra Large Shipping & Storage Tube

ChartPak Expand-A-Tubes 2.5" & 3.5" Diameter Expandable Tubes
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Chartpak Expand-A-Tube storage system creates multiple length plastic tubes ideal for storing, mailing or transporting drawings, charts, blueprints, maps and other rolled materials. The Expand-A-Tube is comprised of two parts (sold separate): the main 26” 5/8" length tube and a 12” additional middle extension section. The unique design interlocks the main tube with one or more 12” middle sections to extend the tubes length in 12” increments. A tube can be made long enough to store a school banner, flag pole or even a fishing pole.


    Chartpak Expand-A-Tube Storage Available in Two Diameters:

  • 2 ½” inside diameter gray color tube
  • 3 ½”inside diameter back color tubes

Made of virgin high density polyethylene; the rugged tubes are lightweight, water resistant and ultraviolet light proof. It is a unique long storage system for protecting important banners and equipment that cannot fit in a normal tube or container. See our complete selection of storage tubes by browsing here.

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