Folding Parallel Rulers Draw Parallel Lines & Plotting Direction on Charts & Maps

These folding rulers have transparent parallel blades for easy reading with non-skid pads. The sturdy aluminum links provide the right amount of tension for drawing a line parallel to another line or reference point. The rulers’ metal parts are non-magnetic and corrosion resistant. The blades can open to a 3" spacing.

12" Folding Parallel Ruler by Alvin
Code: 21236
MFG Part #: A1500-12
15" Folding Parallel Ruler by Alvin
Code: 21237
MFG Part #: A1500-15

The Alvin folding parallel rule is similar to the C-Thru parallel ruler. It has clear blades to easy see and read plans, maps, & charts. The Parallel Ruler provides a fast, accurate method of drawing lines parallel to any reference line. The ruler has non-skid pads to prevent it from slipping. The ruler blades are undercut and beveled so lines can be drawn in pen or pencil. The parallel ruler opens to 3” spacing using links constructed of non corrosive & non magnetic aluminum. Not only a popular tool for draftsman it is also a popular nautical navigation tool for reading charts. It is available in 12” and 15” lengths.

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