Pantograph is a Drawing Tool used to Copy, Reduce, or Enlarge Art & Graphics

These useful tools are for creating, enlarging, and reducing drawings up to 10x in scale. The pantograph has arms made from seasoned hardwood attached with chromed steel hardware and components. It is not designed for 1:1 ratio and comes with table clamp and four spare leads.

18" Alvin Wood Pantograph
Code: 21224
MFG Part #: PA305
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21" Alvin Wood Pantograph
Code: 21225
MFG Part #: PA306
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24" Alvin Wood Pantograph
Code: 21226
MFG Part #: PA308
This item is currently out of stock!

Alvin Wood Pantographs: Designed for inclined or horizontal boards and suitable for tracing or dotting. Bars of seasoned hardwood with clear grey lacquer finish. Die-sunk graduations with holes drilled for accuracy. Adjustable nylon ratio thumb screws assure smooth movement. Nickeled lead holder attachment and nylon tracer point. The pantograph includes nickeled table anchor, clamps and instructions.

The pantograph is a tool for the reproduction of drawings. Using a pantograph you make a direct copy or scale the drawing, reduce or enlarge. Included instructions help with the operation of the pantograph. Simply select the ratio of reduction or enlargement, connect the clamp to the board and pantograph, and use the trace point to trace over the original drawing. while gently holding the lead holder down to trace a reproduction on a new piece of paper. Pantographs available in three sizes 18”, 21” or 24” pantograph.

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