Drafting Dividers Measure Distance for Design, Maps & Navigation

Drafting dividers are tools for comparing sizes, dividing line segments, and measuring distances on drawings used by draftsman, artist, and other craftsman. Dividers are also popular in the maritime industries for plotting navigation using scaled nautical maps and charts. We offer a complete line of drawing instruments for draftsman and artist from quality quality suppliers such as Alvin. See our complete selection of Drafting Tools .

5 1/2" Academic Divider
Code: 20021
MFG Part #: 568
Regular price: $12.50
Sale price: $8.92
6" Academic Divider
Code: 20022
MFG Part #: 660
Regular price: $12.95
Sale price: $9.24
5 1/2" Economy Divider for Student Use
Code: 20024
MFG Part #: 560
Regular price: $7.75
Sale price: $5.53
Professional 8" Straight Pattern Divider
Code: 20026
MFG Part #: 777
Regular price: $16.25
Sale price: $11.61

A divider’s two arms have a point which ends touch when closed. To compare sizes of drawing elements open the divider points across one element then compare against the second or compare by measuring each against a scale ruler. Measure distance by opening the divider points to a set scale then plot across the drawing or map to get a distance. A divider is also used to divide a line into segments.

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