Drafting Dividers Measure Distance for Design, Maps & Navigation

Drafting Dividers
Dividers for drafting and mapping. Drafting compasses. We offer a complete selection of dividers. Dividers, mapping dividers, proportional dividers, equal space dividers and more. How to use a divider: A divider is a tool used to compare sizes of drawing elements. The ends of a divider are placed on a section of a drawing or against the scale of a ruler. The divider is a tool for comparing sizes, dividing line segments, and measuring distances on drawings. Check our complete selection of divers from quality suppliers such as Alvin & Co. See our complete selection of Drafting Tools .

5 1/2" Academic Divider
Code: 20021
MFG Part #: 568
Regular price: $10.50
Sale price: $7.49
6" Academic Divider
Code: 20022
MFG Part #: 660
Regular price: $12.00
Sale price: $8.56
5 1/2" Economy Divider for Student Use
Code: 20024
MFG Part #: 560
Regular price: $7.50
Sale price: $5.35
Professional 8" Straight Pattern Divider
Code: 20026
MFG Part #: 777
Regular price: $16.00
Sale price: $11.43