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Drafting Boards Great Options in Drawing Board for Artist & Draftsman

A drafting board is a portable drawing surface used by artists and draftsman. DraftingSteals offers a large selection of boards from Alvin, Kohinoor and other suppliers. Choosing the right board is important. The surface must be perfectly flat, smooth, and soft enough to easily draw lines with pencils. There can be no holes, warped or issue with the surface to effect drafting quality. Any imperfections will hinder drawing lines and shapes accurately. To use a T-square the board edges must be straight and smooth for the head of the T-square to follow. For a soft, resilient, easy to clean drawing surface cover you’re boards with Vyco. Please contact us if you have questions.

Alvin PXB Portable Drawing Board & Parallel Bar
Tilt Angle Portable Drawing Board
Kohinoor Drawing Board & Drafting Machine Head
Metal Edge Wood Drawing Boards for Drafting
Wooden Drawing Boards with Vinyl Edges
Drawing Boards for Drafting & Table Tops