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Drafting Boards: the Portable Boards Surfaced for Drawing, Painting & Art

Drawing boards and portable drafting tables Ė we offer a wide selection of drawing boards and portable drafting tables including parallel straightedge boards, tilt angle drawing boards, wood and wooden drawing boards, sketch boards studio task boards and more. Please let us know, if you canít find what you are looking for, and we will help you find it. What to look for in a drawing board. The development of accurate manual drawings requires a drawing board with a precision drawing surface. The surface must be soft enough so that pencils can easily draw lines. The surface must also be perfectly flat and smooth for drafting. There can be no holes or warped places on the board it affects drafting and drawing. Any bumps or holes in the surface would throw off the accuracy of drawn lines. It is important for the edge of the board to be straight and smooth for the head of the T-square or parallel rule. Some drawing boards are covered with a special vinyl drawing board cover such as boco or vyco for protection.

Select the appropriate board for your application. Choose from our wide selection of Drawing Boards and Drafting Boards. We carry sketch boards, drawing boards, drafting boards, drawing table tops, drafting table tops, portable drafting tables and much more. You will find something whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Sketch Boards + Grid for Sketching & Art
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Deluxe Drawing Board & Drafting Parallel Bar
Kohinoor Drawing Board & Drafting Machine Head
Sketch Board for Art & Sketching
Tilt Angle Portable Drawing Board
Drawing Boards: Wooden & White Top Boards